hardwood refinishing

For Quality Wood Flooring Refinishing Staten Island Comes to Us

When it comes to quality wood floor refinishing, Staten Island homeowners and business owners often turn to Buono's Flooring. They do this because we offer exception services at very affordable rates. They also do it because our team of hardwood experts have years of experience and have the expertise to bring about remarkable results. In simple terms, we can turn your dull hardwood flooring into flooring that looks new again.

One of the most important assets that we bring to our customers is our long history of providing great results for all of our flooring services. This reputation was earned by hiring only the best installers and refinishing experts. It cannot be said enough that quality refinishing results only come about when true professional do the work. Our hardwood refinishing teams are true pros.

It should be noted that for the quality wood floor refinishing Staten Island homeowners and business want, several individual steps must be performed, and performed correctly. While there is a lot science associated with refinishing floors, much of it is also art and craftsmanship. These, of course, come from years of performing quality work, time and time again.

This is also a good time to remind our customers that with the holiday season coming along fast, now is a great time to get your old flooring resurfaced. How wonderful would it be to have your family and friends come into your home and see your new-looking hardwood floors? If you act now, we can get your old wood floors looking great again before the holidays arrive.

Our technicians will arrive at your home or business, prepare the flooring, go about their work, and clean up their mess before leaving. We use modern sanding equipment that automatically collects dust, and our pros never leave their trash behind for you to clean up.

If you have been thinking of having your dull wood flooring revived, visit our Staten Island showroom and let us tell you all about our affordable refinishing services. When you want the best wood floor refinishing Staten Island has available, trust Buono's Flooring.