Here's some important, yet little known information about bamboo flooring. 

There are different ages of bamboo maturity and subsequent different hardness ratings, different factory finishes and different manufacturing processes, making for a very confusing selection process. Many customers end up disappointed when they purchase a bamboo floor that is not high quality and scratches very easily-sometimes before installation is even complete.

So what qualities should you look for? Ideally, the bamboo should be at least four to five years of age in maturity so that it achieves a hardness rating of at least 1,400 psi on a Janka scale (harder than most oak flooring); some flooring is being made out of only 2- to 3-year-old bamboo that is not fully mature and much softer on a hardness scale. Some customers have even blogged that they can easily sink their fingernails into the flooring! Also, there are over 1500 species of bamboo. Moso bamboo is widely recognized as the highest quality raw material for the production of bamboo flooring. It’s so dense that panda’s won’t even eat it.

Bamboo flooring is an excellent floor choice if you are choosing moso bamboo which has been harvested at maturity. We only offer bamboo flooring that fits this criteria. Lower priced bamboo that is found in big box stores is barely fit for a wood floor, and there is a very low level of customer satisfaction for those who choose these floors.