Is waxing necessary for LVP flooring maintenance?

Is waxing necessary for LVP flooring maintenance?

The beautiful shine that comes with your LVP flooring is one of the most impressive visual features. So, it only makes sense to wonder if waxing is necessary for the maintenance process.

You'll never have to wax them to enjoy the same great look from start to finish, but some processes can help maintain the beauty longer. Here are some facts to help you plan a lifetime of great-looking flooring.

The beautiful allure of luxury vinyl flooring

When you see luxury vinyl flooring for the first time, you’ll see why so many homeowners choose it for its beauty and elegance. Vinyl plank flooring offers stunning realism, mimicking natural materials like wood, stone, and porcelain tile, and impressive, long-lasting shine.

You might think waxing is necessary to keep these floors looking their best, but it isn’t. In fact, waxing could create more problems, damaging the image layer of the materials.

What will wax do?

Since luxury vinyl flooring wear layers include everything necessary for great looks, waxing isn’t a requirement. Applying wax-based products will eat away the vinyl, quickly creating a dull, damaged appearance.

It might also slide around on top of the wear layer, creating a mess that makes your LVP flooring look waxy and overly coated. Since the wax has nothing to adhere to, the result is a marred appearance requiring extra cleaning.

What to do instead

Instead of waxing, we recommend keeping your floors clean and well-maintained as long as they're in your home. You can also add a few well-placed area rugs or runners in rooms that see a lot of traffic to avoid premature wear or damage that will dull the appearance.

You can also use only manufacturer-recommended cleaners and tools to ensure the best results for your luxury vinyl flooring, especially over time. And when it’s time to replace them, choose materials that offer the same ease of installation, care, and maintenance.

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