Does LVP flooring offer a floating installation option?

Does LVP flooring offer a floating installation option?

Many homeowners know luxury vinyl flooring offers durable, easy-to-install options with impressive visual appeal. They also provide various installation options, including the floating installation, and here are a few LVP flooring facts that can help you make the best product decision for your household.

Essential facts you should know

One of the best advantages of luxury vinyl flooring is that it offers a floating installation option, which means the service can be completed without adhesives or nails. In addition, these products feature a locking system that allows them to be installed over many existing floor types for a stable, seamless surface.

For luxury vinyl plank installation, subfloor preparation is seamless and easy to accomplish, to ensure a smooth, level, dry surface that is clean and free of debris. In severe cases of unevenness, we may also need to sand down and fill in spots to ensure the best results.

The first step in the installation is to take precise measurements and start with a plank secured at one wall, leaving a quarter-inch gap for expansion. These perimeter pieces are the only ones that require adhesives or nails used solely for stability.

The planks added to the LVP flooring installation can be clicked into place to create an excellent surface with a staggered pattern. This pattern becomes part of the visual appeal you'll enjoy for years.

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