Does stone-core LVP flooring fit your style?

Does stone-core LVP flooring fit your style?

Absolutely! This luxury vinyl plank (LVP flooring) is engineered with a different core. It is constructed with a technologically advanced SPC (stone plastic composite) core. 

The style is the same as any luxury vinyl flooring and comes in many colors, styles, and designs. It would be impossible not to find something to suit your decor. 

About SPC

With an SPC core, the LVP will never peel or ripple. So, it doesn't matter how much water or long it's been standing.

SPC is durable and graded for commercial use. It has superior resistance to dents and heavy foot traffic. Stone Core LVP flooring also has a solid and rigid feeling, like a hard surface.

What else to know about luxury vinyl flooring?

Luxury vinyl flooring offers nature-inspired, true-to-life wood, stone, and tile images. All are taken so they're clear, vibrant, and accurate.

Micro beveling and embossing add depth and dimension. Textured looks include wire-brushed, hand-scraped, distressed, and embossed-in-register.

The material can be cut into planks (LVP flooring) or square, tile-sized pieces (LVT flooring) for added realism. Many say the extra seams add to the realism. 

In our showroom, you'll see designs like Prescott (a wood look) by MSI or Adura Flex Tile by Mannington.

Low maintenance, uncomplicated installation

All luxury vinyl flooring needs are regular sweeping and periodic mopping. Installation can be glue-down, floating floor, or loose-lay.

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