Is LVP flooring entirely waterproof?

Is LVP flooring entirely waterproof?

Yes, it is! This applies to both LVP (luxury vinyl plank) and luxury vinyl tile (LVT), the two forms of luxury vinyl flooring.

Waterproof vs. water-resistant floors

Many use these words interchangeably, but that's incorrect. We want you to know what you're getting.

A waterproof product, such as luxury vinyl flooring, is impervious to liquid. That capability is inherent because the composition is watertight; it's PVC with a vinyl composite core.

When something's resistant to water, it repels for a short time. As a result, it will soak, stain, peel, and ripple unless wiped immediately.

Thicker is better

Luxury vinyl flooring comes in a range of thicknesses, between 6-mm and 12-mm. Wear layers to protect the floor from scuffs, stains, dents, and water absorption.

Vinyl plank flooring and LVT are always measured separately. The most recommended is 20 mm.

Buy the best your wallet will allow. For example, a thicker surface will maintain waterproof capabilities longer than a thinner one.

Other advantages of luxury vinyl include the following:

  1. Style: Realistic and vibrant images of wood, stone, and tile. The floors have depth, dimension, and textured looks.

Some include California Coastal (a wood look) by Chesapeake or a stone look like Adura Flex Tile by Mannington.

  1. Durability: These floors come with a transparent melamine wear layer that protects the floor. At the top is clear urethane coating on your LVP flooring.

This adds extra strength and shine. The result is a floor where walking off the image is impossible.

  1. Low maintenance. Regular sweeping and periodic moping is all it takes!
  2. Uncomplicated installation: It can be installed via glue-down, floating floor, or loose-lay.

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