Three FAQs for LVP flooring maintenance

Three FAQs for LVP flooring maintenance

LVP flooring is an excellent option for homeowners who want a product that serves their entire home, regardless of the requirements in each room. Luxury vinyl flooring offers stunning beauty, outstanding durability, and a lifespan that saves money through the years.

When you need to know

Every homeowner has questions about their favorite potential floor covering, and we have the answers for them all. So, here are three questions and answers about cleaning and maintaining these materials.

  1. Do these floors require waxing? No. Thanks to the top vinyl plank flooring layer that protects the surface, you'll never have to wax or polish your floors. Waxing can quickly dull and damage the surface, so avoid waxes, polishes, and other solutions. 
  2. Can I steam-clean luxury vinyl flooring? Unfortunately, no, steam cleaning uses too much heat and pressure to accomplish the cleaning. In addition, many manufacturers' warranties will not cover the damage caused by steam cleaning, costing you thousands of dollars in repairs and replacement. 
  3. What’s the best way to clean these floors? First, sweep up any loose dirt and debris to avoid scratching and stains. Then clean your luxury vinyl flooring with a damp mop using a manufacturer-recommended solution.

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