Three tips for maintaining LVP flooring

Three tips for maintaining LVP flooring

Homeowners love the versatile appeal of LVP flooring, with its stunning visuals, excellent lifespan, and easy maintenance requirements. Keeping these floors well maintained is an important step to ensuring the best lifespan, and here are three tips to help.

Why is maintenance so important?

Maintaining your floors is the best way to preserve their integrity and performance, especially in busy areas. If you have pets, children, or lots of frequent foot traffic, these floors will be invaluable over time.

If you’re new to luxury vinyl flooring, you’ll appreciate a few facts concerning the requirements for this floor covering. Here are three tips for your luxury vinyl plank flooring to ensure a clean, well-kept surface in every room.

  1. Clean regularly to ensure the best performance and visual appeal wherever the floors are installed. Sweep or vacuum first to remove loose debris, and follow with a damp or microfiber mop, avoiding harsh chemicals or cleaning tools.
  2. It's important to avoid harsh cleaners, which could leave residue or damage the protective layer on your floor's surface. But avoiding abrasive tools, such as scrubbing wools or metal objects, is also important to ensure the best and longest lifespan.
  3. Luxury vinyl flooring protection is a part of the maintenance regimen and includes guarding against heavy objects and furniture that could potentially dent the surface of the flooring. Never drag furniture when moving it, and be sure to use pads beneath the legs of pieces that sit in the same place for long periods.

You can enjoy over a decade of beautiful performance and protection when you properly care for your new flooring. Remember to check your manufacturer's recommendations for the best procedures and follow them for your floor coverings.

If you still have questions about your luxury vinyl flooring, feel free to contact us with questions and concerns, and we'll gladly answer them. We strive for your complete satisfaction with materials, services, and advice, no matter the flooring type.

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