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Downtown Staten Island Getting Money and a Face Lift

It has been a while since downtown Staten Island got any grant money for renovations. That dry spell may be over, as more than $1 million has now been authorized for the downtown area. The grant money will come from the Small Business Services Neighborhood 360 grant. There will be five other areas getting some much-needed cash as well. Here is the first part of this very useful and interesting story:

“Where is New York City's newest destination neighborhood? Downtown Staten Island. Private development like the Empire Outlets and the New York Wheel is already underway. Now, the city too is making an investment in the neighborhood with a $1.54 million dollar grant to be distributed over the next three years "It’s exciting for Staten island. [Public] money like that hasn’t been spent here in years," says Linda Baran, President of the Staten Island Chamber of Commerce.”

Source: www.ny1.com

At Buono's Flooring, we know that our downtown area can use a face lift. We also know that many homeowners in our area also are thinking of making certain renovations, such as hardwood or wood floor refinishing. Staten Island has many homes that were constructed with hardwood flooring, and even more that have added wood flooring over the years.

One of the issues that homeowners with wood flooring face occurs when their flooring becomes dull, or in need of minor repair. But, when it comes to hardwood or wood floor refinishing, Staten Island homeowners and business owners want the best services and quality results. This is where Buono's Flooring comes into play.

We have been helping homeowners and businesses with their wood flooring refinishing needs for years. Our refinishing pros have all been well trained in how to properly refinish a wood floor, and how to make repairs, when needed. We have all of the right tools and sanders to get the job done right the first time, and we stand behind our work, without exceptions. In addition, we can come to your home or business, look at what needs to be done, and give you a reliable estimate, explaining exactly what we need to do to return your hardwood flooring to looking like new. When it comes to top quality hardwood or wood floor refinishing, Staten Island, and surrounding areas, come to us first.

If your wood floors are in need of some attention, visit with us at Buono's Flooring and let us tell you about the best hardwood or wood floor refinishing Staten Island has available.