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Stain colors

Wide range of choices

If you are considering hardwood flooring for your home or business, there are an abundance of choices for colors and styles. Our experienced team at Buono's Flooring Co. can help you select the floor pairing that is perfect for your space.

Quality staining services

With a wood floor, you can choose the color of your flooring. Existing floors can receive an entirely new look, affordably with custom stains. Let Buono's Flooring Co. help you pick out the stain of your choice. We use high quality Duraseal stains. We have colors that will help your flooring look traditional, contemporary, or formal.

Unique looks for your flooring

Our staining services can help you create a unique look for your living spaces that is beautiful and inviting. With our help, your floors can be stained to match your existing decor and create a cohesive look for years to come. Contact us today to view our staining options.

Color options

Buono's Flooring Co. offers a variety of staining colors including:
Stain Colors from Buono's Flooring Co. in Brooklyn, NY
Please note that these stains are only representations and your floor will be slightly different. It is important to realize that each individual board of your floor is different and will absorb the stain differently as will different types of wood. The colors shown are only for the purpose of reference. At your request, we can test a few different colors right on your floor to give you a better representation.