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Is Staten Island Looking for a New Look?

There are times when Staten Island does not seem to get much respect. At Buono's Flooring, we are not sure we agree with that or not, but we do know that many new developments in the borough may bring about a new look to the place, with more things for residents to do here. We read an interesting story the other day that addressed this. Here is the first part of that story:

“Staten Island is sometimes called the forgotten borough, and is the only borough without a subway that connects to the rest of the system. And many people who live on Staten Island say there just is not much to do. But that seems to be changing. CBS2’s Jessica Moore went out to find if there is any truth to the idea that Staten Island is the new Brooklyn.”

Source: www.newyork.cbslocal.com

At Buono’s Flooring, we know all about new looks as we offer the best wood floor refinishing Staten Island, NY homeowners and business owners can get. Our refinishing services can turn your old wood flooring into flooring that looks new again. We have been doing this since 1979, and we know exactly what to do to get the best results.

It should be noted that any damage to your wood flooring will not get better on its own. In most cases, wood damaged flooring will only get worse over time. We can repair most types of damage (denting, scratches, small gouges, etc), and our repairs are professional-level. When we complete our work, you will fall in love with your new flooring all over again, and be very proud to show it off to your family and friends.

Cost is one issue that we hear about from people who want work done on their wood flooring. We offer our customers a free in-home estimate that allows them to know, in advance, just how much our services will cost. The vast majority of our customers who take advantage of this service are happy they did. We are sure you will be too. And, all of our estimates are accurate and reliable, another benefit our customers appreciate.

While we are not sure what these new developments will do to improve Staten Island, we do know that our wood floor refinishing in Staten Island, NY will make your old, dull wood flooring look like new.