wood floor refinishing Staten Island, NY

Our Wood Floor Refinishing in Staten Island, NY Can Prevent Damage

At Buono's Flooring, we have been performing quality wood floor refinishing for Staten Island, NY since 1979. We have restored hundreds of hardwood floors during this time, and we have a long list of satisfied customers. But, there is often one thing about our service that some homeowners and business owners do not know. That one thing is that by having your wood flooring refinished, you also get the minor repairs that help prevent future damage to the wood. Here is what we mean.

If you have hardwood flooring in your home or business, take a few minutes and look for any defects or damage that may be present. This would include things such as dents, scratches, marring, or areas that are actually fading due to exposure to sunlight. You may also find that if you pull back area rugs, the wood under the rug is darker than the wood that was not covered. In all of these cases, you will want to seek out the best in wood floor refinishing in Staten Island to get these issues resolved. Why? A few reasons.

There is one simple fact about hardwood flooring that has never changed over the centuries. Once a plank is damaged, it never gets better on its own. Someone has to come in and fix the problem, or the problem will only get worse over time. There is no getting around this, and this applies to all levels of hardwood, from the less expensive species, all the way to the most costly wood species.

For instance, if you dragged something heavy over your floor and accidentally nicked or dug into it, you now have an area that has no surface protection from elements such as water or even moisture. When moisture, or water, gets onto this naked area, the water can seep down into the wood fibers and spread to other areas. All of this can cause big problems over time.

When you take advantage of our professional refinishing services, we can fix these issues before we apply your new finish. In essence, you get a brand new surface that is not only beautiful, but also protected.

If you would like to know more about the best wood floor refinishing Staten Island, NY has available, visit with us in our showroom and let us tell you all about how we do what we do and the benefits you get from a newly refinished floor.