Staten Island

Staten Island Set to Shine. So Can Your Hardwood Floors

Staten Island is being revitalized. Now, how about your wood floors?

For far too long, many thought of Staten Island as a place separate from New York City. After all, the other boroughs connect by subway, but here, it’s set apart from the City by water, and you need to take a boat to get to it.

All of that is about to change, however, as was documented in an article from Curbed NY, one of the city’s most important real estate blogs. There are a lot of new rentals and condos they’re hoping to fill. “But the North Shore of the so-called forgotten borough is already well on its way: Nearly $2 billion of public and private real estate funding is being funneled into a roughly one and a half mile stretch surrounding the Staten Island Ferry terminal, where new hotels, rentals, restaurants, shops, and, no less important, the world’s tallest Ferris Wheel, are being constructed at this moment.”


Just as it’s expected that Staten Island will start taking the spotlight so, too, can your hardwood floors. In fact, they can, and should, be the showcase of your house.

They’re already gorgeous; after all, hardwood floors add elegance and warmth to any home. But no matter how careful you are, normal wear and tear will dull them over time. No need to replace them-- just go to wood floor refinishing in Staten Island, at Buono’s Flooring.

Here’s how wood flooring is refinished: First, we strip it down to bare wood. Then, we stain it to the color of your choice. And we have a large selection of stains, finishes and sealants for you to choose from. Finally, we add a finish to protect it and we buff it to make it shine. Needless to say, we’re very careful during this process; your floors are important to us because they’re important to you.

Okay, now we have your floors looking beautiful and shiny. Here’s how you can keep them that way, compliments of Buono Flooring, servicing Staten Island:

● Don’t walk on wood floors in high heels, because they can cause dents.
● Put furniture pads on the bottoms of all chair and table legs to avoid scratches.
● Be adamant about keeping out dirt, salt and sand, even if that means putting a mat outside every entrance.
● Maintain temperatures at 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, with a 30 to 50 percent humidity level. Anything higher (especially humidity and moisture) may cause buckling and warping.
● Sweep or vacuum at least twice a week, but even every day if you can. Mop (avoid excess water) with a microfiber mop and a PH-neutral cleaner. (You can also make your own, with 1 tablespoon distilled vinegar to 1 gallon water.) Never use waxy products--they’ll only create a buildup that can dull and even change the color of floors.