hardwood flooring Brooklyn, NY

The War On Grime

Brooklyn, NY loves hardwood flooring- full stop. Who can blame us? We live in an urban environment, and it's nice to come home to the warm, natural glow of lustrous hardwood after a long day of pounding the pavement. But pounding the pavement all day means tracking in all sorts of dirt and grime that can seriously diminish that warm shine, and that takes a serious toll on the overall quality of our hardwood flooring.

Brooklyn, NY, this is a call to arms to keep those floors bright and shiny, so you can protect your hardwood flooring and the comfort it brings you! Luckily, with a little know-how and a smidge of elbow grease, this is an easy to call to answer. Buono's Flooring wants you to have the weapons you need to fight this war on grime. Here's your mission briefing:

• Throughout the year, we get all kinds of weather here in Brooklyn, NY. Hardwood flooring is susceptible to damage from the moisture caused by rain or snow, as well as gritty dirt during the dry times. That's why it's a good idea to have a throw rug in front of all doors leading to the outside. Be sure to avoid rubber backed rugs, as they can leave scuff marks and damage your floor.

• You may want to consider a "no shoes policy" in your home. High heeled shoes and harder soled shoes can cause scratches to your beautiful floors, as well as tracking in dirt, grime, and water from rain or snow. Cleats are a definite no-go!

• Regularly sweep or vacuum you hardwood flooring. In Brooklyn, NY, vacuums are widely used over brooms. Just be sure to use your hardwood floor setting if you prefer to use them. The beater brush can scratch and wear at your floors. When you mop, be sure to use as little water as possible. Remember, excessive standing moisture is a hardwood floors worst enemy.

• Last, but not least: Always lift your furniture when moving it to avoid gouging your floor. If you are unable to do so, it would be best to put soft padding on the feet of your furniture. Just be sure to replace them from time to time, as they can collect grit that can act like sandpaper on your floors when they slide.

In the war on grime, the best offense is a good defense. With these few preventative measures in your arsenal, you will be enjoying that warm, natural glow for years to come. Stay frosty out there, soldier!