Will the Staten Island Wheel Ever Get Finished?

Will the Staten Island Wheel Ever Get Finished?

If you have been wondering if the Staten Island Wheel will ever be completed, you are not alone. From one thing to another, the project seems to be cursed with bad luck and, perhaps, bad management. It now appears that a lack of money is stalling the project. Here is a part of a recent article that shared some details on the big wheel:

“The New York Wheel, a 630-foot Ferris wheel currently being built on the St. George waterfront on Staten Island, is $300 million over budget, according to a report in the New York Post. That brings the total cost of the project to nearly $600 million. The attraction, which will let riders take a spin in one of 40 pods, was initially supposed to open early next year, but will now make its debut in 2018.”

Source: www.crainsnewyork.com

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