hardwood refinishing - Staten Island, NY

Wood Floor Refinishing Made Easy

You have hardwood floors in your home. They provide a warm and natural foundation to your room’s design, but through everyday wear and tear (foot traffic, pet scratches and moving of furniture) they have become dull, and have lost some of the luster they once had. The floors are not worn to the point where they need replacing, so you need a wood floor refinishing service. Staten Island residents need to look no further than Buono’s flooring.

A wood floor refinishing service for your Staten Island home can save you money over replacement of wood flooring. That is because they can simply be sanded down and refinished, rather than completely replaced. You can choose to keep the floors as they originally looked, or you can make changes to the color and finish of the original flooring to create a new feel to the room. Imagine the subdued satin finish your flooring once had changed to a high gloss piano finish, or the light pine color changed to an oak or maple look. The choices are yours to make so that your personal style is reflected to everyone who enters your home.

Solid hardwood floors can be refinished as many as eight to ten times over the life of the material, depending upon the thickness. What if you have engineered hardwood floors? Not to worry! Engineered hardwood floor refinishing can be done in your Staten Island home as well. Due to the fact that engineered hardwood floors have a solid wood veneer, they can’t be refinished as many times. However, the option is still available for homeowners who wish to make a change.

A wood floor refinishing service is a useful tool for Staten Island homeowners to utilize, if they need flooring restoration, or just want to create a new look to the room. Buono’s Flooring has the wood floor refinishing service you need for your Staten Island Home. Just visit with us at our Staten Island showroom and let our team of professionals help you decide if floor refinishing is what you need.